Slovenian tourism during 25 years

The story of the green, active, healthy Slovenia

During the last quarter of a century, Slovenian tourism took great strides with regard to development and promotion, and evolved and grew at an above-average pace. Currently, it contributes no less than 12.8% of GDP, and accounted for 37.6% of the export of services and 7.5% of total exports in 2015. In 2015, a record was broken: for the first time since Slovenia declared independence, overnight stays exceeded 10 million and €2.2 billion was generated by exporting travel services.

The power of tourism

Tourism is an important commercial activity in Slovenia, with numerous multiplier effects and high development and growth potential. Compared to the European and global average, tourism’s share of total exports and the total effects of tourism on GDP are much bigger, as is the share of those employed in the industry.


Value of exported travels:

SLO: €2.375 billion
EUROPE: €456 billion
WORLD: €1,308 billion

Tourism share in total exports

SLO: 8 %
WORLD: 6 %

Share of total tourism effects on GDP

SLO: 13 %
EUROPE: 10 %
WORLD: 10 %

Employment in tourism

SLO: 1/8 of jobs
EUROPE: 1/11 of jobs
WORLD: 1/11 of jobs

From experiencing losses to a boutique country

Slovenia appeared as a new country on the European and world tourism maps 25 years ago. When the country became independent, Slovenian tourism faced a challenge: to place Slovenia alongside well-known and established tourist destinations. Despite its past tourist development, Slovenia had lost its appeal due to the 10-Day War and the declaration of independence, and it had to re-establish itself on the European and world maps.

Retrospective – a brief video by the STB

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In 1991, slightly more than 1.4 million tourists visited Slovenia: compared to previous years, the total number of tourists decreased by 43.8%, and the number of foreign visitors decreased by no less than 73%; a year later, there were only 616,000 visitors. After independence, revenues from tourism also decreased. In 1991, revenues dropped by half compared to the previous year, and it was not until 1994 that the results from 1990 were exceeded. In 1993, the number of foreign tourists somewhat increased, but their number by the end of the 1990’s was still a third lower than before independence.

Tourism in the independent state of Slovenia also experienced the effects of three major crises: in 1991, the number of tourists decreased by 73% compared to the previous year; in 1999, there was a 10% drop following NATO’s military attacks on Serbia; and in 2009, there was a 7% drop during the major global economic crisis.


Development and promotion-related progress in a quarter of a century

During the last quarter of a century, Slovenian tourism took great strides with regard to development and promotion, and evolved and grew at an above-average pace.

Its strength is demonstrated by various indicators:

  • tourism contributes almost 13% to GDP.
  • It accounts for more than 8% of exports, and almost 40% of exports of services.
  • 59 million tourists generate 187 million overnight stays.
  • Revenues generated by exporting travel services almost tripled.
  • Tourist bed accommodation increased by almost 70%.
  • In Slovenia, almost every 8th employed person now works in tourism.
  • We are currently 39th on the list of world tourism competitiveness.
  • According to the Global Peace Index, Slovenia was in 15th place last year among 162 ranked countries, and in June of this year it was in 10th place among 163 countries.


Focus on boutique-style and sustainable tourism

Nowadays, Slovenia is positioned on global markets as a green, active, and healthy destination. It has the opportunity to develop boutique-style, innovative, and sustainable tourist products with high added value. Its main objectives include a focus on IT-supported and innovative marketing of Slovenian tourism, a green scheme, the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship, and the cooperation and integration of the main stakeholders to achieve shared goals and synergies.

The common green thread of these various objectives is to increase Slovenia’s recognisability as a green, active, healthy, and safe boutique destination, and for tourism to generate €3 billion in revenues annually, resulting in at least 6% annual growth. 

»Today, tourism is a successful and growing industry, the significance and role of which the Government of the Republic of Slovenia is also well aware.«

Zdravko Počivalšek, Minister of Economic Development and Technology


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