Feast of situlae - Festival of Iron age life and cuisine Image

Data: 27. 06. 2020
Luogo: Novo mesto, Main Square of Novo mesto
Tipo: I festival, Le manifestazioni etnologiche, Le manifestazioni gastronomiche
Contatti: Zavod Novo mesto, +386 7 39 30 39, info.zavodnm@novomesto.si
Ulteriori informazioni: https://www.visitdolenjska.eu

4th Festival of Iron life and cuisine is dedicated to this outstanding monument, which testify to the life of the Hallstatt population of Novo Mesto.


17.00Marketplace - a display of ancient crafts and products. Catering with a touch of iron culinary and beverage. 

17.00 - 21.00Iron-based kitchen - adult workshop Testing skills in archery.Workshops for children (cooking pot, making miniature jeans, making leather bracelets, facial paintings) 

18.00 - 20.00Central program with a welcome address and a presentation of prehistoric events - a marketplace with handicrafts, workshops, music, dancing.. 

20.00 - 21.00Stage performance with music and dancing. 

21.00 - 24.00Beer Belly Concert featuring traditional Irish, Scottish and Celtic music. 

22.00Permanent archaeological exhibition at the Dolenjska Museum - a guide to the Situul monuments.


Feast of situlae - Festival of Iron age life and cuisine

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