Ljubljana Festival on the Ljubljanica River

Date: 28. 06. 2023 - 30. 06. 2023 Lieu: Ljubljana Type: Événements musicaux Contact:
+386 (0)1/241 60 00
Remarque: <p>Tickets: Concerts on the boats are free. The cost of a one-hour boat trip during the festival is the same for all boats: €10 for adults and €5 for children (aged 3–12).</p><p> </p><p>More information is available on the <a href="https://ljubljanafestiv Plus d informations

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Ljubljana Festival on the Ljubljanica River

The tradition of musical regattas in Ljubljana is linked to the first predecessor of today’s Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra – the Academia Philharmonicorum Labacensis, which was founded in 1701 and inspired by Italian academies of this kind that appeared from the 16th century onwards.

Ljubljana Festival on the Ljubljanica River

The activities of its members (amateur musicians) were generally of a closed type, in the form of performances for members only, but they also performed in public on formal occasions, such as events linked to the royal family. They presented themselves to the people of Ljubljana at the annual summer regattas on the Ljubljanica River, where they performed “the most select music”.

At this year’s Ljubljana Festival, the river flowing through the old town centre of the Slovenian capital will once again become one of the summer’s attractive concert venues. Young musicians from the Ljubljana Academy of Music and Conservatory for Music and Ballet will enliven the early summer atmosphere in the city with some outstanding music, and listeners will be able to join them on their journey along the Ljubljanica River on a boat.


Wednesday, 28 June
12.00 pm, Dvorni trg

12.00-2.00 pm Barjanka (Dvorni trg)
Neobrass Quintet

  • Kristjan Zupan, trumpet
  • Jernej Maček, trumpet
  • Marko Arh, horn
  • Žan Kopše, trombone
  • Uroš Menegatti, tuba

2.00-4.00 pm Lea (Butcher’s Bridge)
Aeris Flute Quartet

  • Katja Ferenc, flute
  • Tjaša Pauko, flute
  • Lara Senica, flute
  • Anica Mićić, flute

4.00-6.00 pm Livada (Gallus Embankment)
KGBL Brass Quintet

  • Luka Kraševec, trumpet
  • Tit Hodžar, trumpet
  • Jure Kovačič, horn
  • Žan Salaj, trombone
  • Matija Kodelja, tuba

6.00-8.00 pm Emonca (Cankar Embankment)
Flabile Wind Quintet

  • Katja Ferenc, flute
  • Neža Podbršček, oboe
  • Aljaž Jazbinšek, clarinet
  • Eva Fritz, bassoon
  • Ana Mir, horn

Thursday, 29 June
10.00 am-12.00 pm Lana Sulc (Gallus Embankment)
Corpus delicti Brass Quintet

  • Rok Škerjanec, trumpet
  • Matic Kavcl, trumpet
  • Andrija Šafran, trombone
  • Ivan Fagarazzi, tuba
  • Matic Fran, horn

2.00-4.00 pm Livada (Gallus Embankment)
Academy of Music Flute Quartet

  • Hana Poljanec, flute
  • Nuša Dolinšek, flute
  • Hana Žvagen, flute
  • Neja Hočevar, flute

4.00-6.00 pm Zelen zmaj (Butcher’s Bridge)
4phonium Euphonium Quartet

  • Emanuel Mikac, euphonium
  • Sašo Nunar, euphonium
  • Luka Ovčjak, euphonium
  • Žan Pečenik, euphonium

6.00-8.00 pm Ljubljana 1 (Ribji trg)
Ljubljana Saxophone Quartet

  • Arijan Mačak, soprano saxophone
  • Boštjan Rojc, alto saxophone
  • Tia Ivajnšič, tenor saxophone
  • Lan Meden, baritone saxophone

Friday, 30 June
10.00 am-12.00 pm Barjanka (Dvorni trg)
Academy of Music Wind Quartet

  • Nuša Dolinšek, flute
  • Tjaša Škvorc, oboe
  • Ivan Mršić, bassoon
  • Kristina Klančar, horn
  • Adam Atanasov, clarinet

4.00-6.00 pm Lea (Butcher’s Bridge)
Academy of Music Flute Quartet

  • Katarina Kastelec, flute
  • Lara Oblak, flute
  • Ajda Mori, flute
  • Alja Boštjančič, flute

6.00-8.00 pm Zeleni zmaj (Butcher’s Bridge)
Academy of Music Horn Quartet

  • Sara Hartman, horn
  • David Tretjak, horn
  • Kristina Klančar, horn
  • Fran Matić, horn

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