Days of Bakala

Fecha: 14. 09. 2019 - 29. 09. 2019
Lugar: Izola, Izola
Tipo: Eventos gastronómicos
Contacto: +386 5 640 10 50, tic.izola@izola.si
Más información: https://www.visitizola.com/dnevi-bakalaja/

This year too, at Izola Tourist Association, we continue the development of Izola as a culinary destination. For this purpouse we prepared several promotional campaigns, and are able to continue with the Kilometer zero program, which will be launched by the agricultural market of Ruba sz moje njive. This year we planned more projects and events, since such a major number of people were amazed by them. We will also devote more funds to advertise the culinary events.

Days of Bakala

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