The Radovljica chocolate festival

Fecha: 17. 04. 2020 - 19. 04. 2020
Lugar: Radovljica
Tipo: Festivales, Eventos gastronómicos
Contacto: info@radolca.si
Más información: https://www.radolca.si/sl/festival-cokolade

Radovljica is the biggest town in the tourist destination of Radol'ca. The slogan 'Honestly Sweet' derives from the area's long tradition of chocolate, which has been produced in Lesce since 1922. This is also why the decision was taken to organise a chocolate festival in close proximity. The festival takes place in the old town centre of Radovljica and its immediate surroundings. The main theme of the festival is chocolate. Chocolatiers from throughout Slovenia exhibit at the festival, as well as other producers of chocolate products and drinks. Chocolate products are available for tasting, and since 2013 tastings have taken place through the purchase of tasting coupons, whilst other products are also available to purchase. The festival entertainment programme is also based on chocolate. Chocolatiers demonstrate how their chocolates are produced, there are cookery shows, chocolate themed workshops for children and adults, and street performances. Every year the entertainment programme contains some new features.

The Radovljica chocolate festival

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