St. Gregory's - Vuč u vodo

Дата: 11. 03. 2021
Место: Tržič, Tržič - old town centre
Тип: Фольклорные события
Организатор: Občina Tržič, Trg svobode 18, 4290 Tržič
Контакты: Občina Tržič, Trg svobode 18, 4290 Tržič, +386 4 59 71 524, informacije@trzic.si
Более подробная информация: http://www.visit-trzic.com/prireditve/vuc-u-vodo.html

The Tržič custom of “Vuč u vodo” is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and eagerly anticipated events of the year. The custom comes alive on 11 March on the eve of St. Gregory's Day. It is a centuries-old Tržič tradition that was observed by Tržič shoemakers in the past. On this day they stopped working under lights in their workshops.

Cobblers' apprentices asked their masters for permission to make miniature houses during the work shift. Each apprentice grabbed the nearest “camboh” (a wicker bowl or basket), filled it with wood shavings, mixed everything with strong glue, set it on fire, and placed the basket onto the water.

Since there no longer any cobblers' apprentices in Tržič, the custom is kept alive by children from schools and preschools of Tržič. They gather together on St. Gregory's Eve and float their miniature houses down the Tržič Bistrica. The programme is enriched by an exhibition of the "gregorčki" houses lasting several days and numerous accompanying events.

St. Gregory's - Vuč u vodo

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