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The path of ironworkers and blacksmiths

Vigenjc d.o.o.
Na plavžu 10 4228 Železniki
+386 41 482 085
The paths starts at stone arched bridge on Griva and leads to Jeglič's house, birth house of Anton Globočnik nobility title Sorodolski, Eger's house, Eger's garden, house of France Koblar, birth house of Blaž Crobath, Globočnik's house, birth house of Janko Mlakar, miner's pit, bridge and chapel in Klovže, church of St. Anthony the Hermit, Plnada, church of St. Francis, Johan's vaulted tomp, birth house of Anton Dermota, Špendal's house, Hafner's house, Bargelj's house, Mer's house, Boncelj's house, Plavc's house and ends at smelting furnace, a large melter in which crude cast iron is extracted from iron ore by means of high temperatures.
You can also see Železniki's craft like hammering and bobbin-work and you can visit Železniki museum. 

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