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Natural attractions in Ivanjkovci and its surroundings

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In the year 2004 the Rule Book on Appointment and Protection of Natural Valuables was accepted which defines the parts of nature that have been recognised as being of natural value due to their characteristics:
- Genuine Blumenau's chestnuts in Veliki Brebrovnik are three mighty chestnut trees of huge extensiveness. The legend says that they were planted on the bodies of  buried Turks killed by women in Babji klanec in Jeruzalem in the year 1664.
- According to experts, the chestnut trees by the road at the turning before Jeruzalem or Babji klanec are not as old as the legend says. The fact that in their long period of existence they helped many people to survive so that they did not die of hunger certainly remains true. Today the chestnut trees have been severely damaged by time and some of them were ruined by thunderbolt.
- The wetland in Ivanjkovci, between the state road towards Ljutomer and the railway line is an important biotope. The wetland is the remains of the former castle ponds.
- In Lahonci it is worth seeing the Rajh's sequoia (large coniferous tree). In 1910 Julija Kreber from Ptuj supposedly planted it on the grave of her dog.
- A linden tree near the Taverna Inn was planted towards the end of the 18th century. It is more than 8 metres high, its diameter is 1.6 metres, and however, the tree is nine cubic metres.

GPS Northing (N) : 46,4623 
GPS Easting (E) : 16,1573 
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