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Intermittent spring

Beneath the needle by the road there is another attraction – intermittent spring. That is one of our most famous springs, which movement is changing. Their work is usually associated with an increased area in the hinterland, which, after it is full, quickly evacuates in the principle of tension. In time of the next filling the spring flow can be smaller or even dried up.
Intermittent spring is due to the renewed road pressed in a small cavity. We can rarely see his function, since it depends on the amount of water. At high water level it flows regularly, at low water level it can run dry, so we need some luck to see its rhythmical activity. When you see some water in the spring you must be patient, because the rise and fall of the water level can be slow and hard to notice. The best way is to observe the water surface on a distinctive place (e.g. top of a stone).
Activity of the intermittent spring was described in detail of naturalist Ferdinand Seidl in 1909. The needle and intermittent spring belong to our oldest natural monuments and are protected from 1948. 

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