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In Slovenia, you come across different historical eras at every turn. Truly old items are preserved primarily in museums, but archaeological finds can also be seen in their natural setting. Slovenia's natural diversity further emphasises the attraction of important buildings. Slovenian castles are amazing, and the many rural hilltop churches are charming. Cultural-historical monuments and architectural masterpieces can be found in most Slovenian towns.
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Churches and chapels (336)
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Church of St Lucy in Zadnja vas

Svetišče Marijino Celje

Synagogue Lendava

The Church of St. Cantianus (Sv. Kancijan) in Britof

The succursal Church of Chorpus Christi

The succursal Church of St. Vitus

MapSt. Ivan’s and Paul’s church (Babiči),  Babiči

MapChurch of St Peter above Begunje,  Begunje na Gorenjskem

MapChurch of St Ulrich in Begunje,  Begunje na Gorenjskem

MapThe church of St. LadislavBeltinci,  Beltinci

MapChurch of Mary’s Assumption (Bertoki),  Bertoki

MapParish church, located at the source of the river Rižana,  Bezovica

MapSt. Apolonia’s church (Bezovica),  Bezovica

MapChurch of St. Michael,  Biljana

MapChurch of Sv. Jurij (St. George),  Bistrica pri Tržiču

MapChurch of Madona`s assumption,  Bitnje

MapThe Church of St. Peter in Bočna,  Bočna

MapBogojina, Church of the Ascension,  Bogojina

MapSt. Nicolaus Church in Bohinjska Bistrica,  Bohinjska Bistrica

MapSt. Rock’s and St. Sebastian’s church (Boršt),  Boršt

MapChurch of St. Leonard (Sv. Lenart),  Bovec

MapChurch of Virgin Mary in the Field,  Bovec

MapThe Church of St. Ulrich (Sveti Urh) in Bovec,  Bovec

MapSt. Peter’s Church,  Brestanica

MapThe Basilica of the Mary from Lourdes,  Brestanica

MapThe Rajhenburg Castle Romance and Gothic Chapel,  Brestanica

MapBasilica of Mary help of Christians,  Brezje

MapChurch of Sv. Rok,  Brežice

MapSv. Lovrenc Parish Church,  Brežice

MapSt. Magdalena`s Church in Brod,  Brod

MapChurch of the holy Three Kings in Brunk,  Brunk

MapCelje, Church of St. Daniel (sv. Danijel),  Celje

MapParish Church of Our Lady,  Cerknica

MapChurch of the holy Trinity in Cimerno,  Čimerno

MapThe Church of St. Catherine at Čreta,  Čreta pri Kokarjah

MapSt. Valentine’s church (Črni kal),  Črni Kal

MapChurch of St. Peter,  Črnomelj

MapSt. Paul’s church (Črnotoče),  Črnotiče

MapThe parish church of Mary´s Ascension,  Dekani

MapThe parish church of St. Judoc,  Dobrna

MapThe parish church of the assumption of Mary,  Dobrna

MapChurch of St. Jurij (St. George) in Dobrnič,  Dobrnič

MapThe Church of St. Urban in Dobrovlje,  Dobrovlje pri Mozirju

MapThe Church of St. John The Evangelist in Dolenje Kamence,  Dolenje Kamenje

MapThe parish church of sv. Ana (st. Anne) in Dolenjske Toplice,  Dolenjske Toplice

MapChurch of the Virgin (Marijina cerkev) in Log,  Dolga Poljana

MapChurch of SantLeonard,  Dolnje Cerovo

MapDomanjševci (Domonkosfa), Chapel of St. Martin (formerly St. Venceslav),  Domanjševci

MapChurch of St. Lucy in Dražgoše,  Dražgoše

MapSacred Heart Church in Drežnica,  Drežnica

showed 1-50 from 336

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