Department for the Development of IS and E-Business

The Department for the Development of IS and E-Business is responsible for the implementation of activities in line with the goals defined in the Strategy for the Development and Digital Marketing of Integral Tourist Information System (hereinafter: ITIS). With its help Slovenian Tourist Organisation aims to directly (through projects and funds) and indirectly (guidelines, recommendations) influence the future image of the tourist information system.

The ITIS mission is ensuring continuous growth of Slovenia in the area of e-tourism efficiency, recognisability, innovation and accessibility, and facilitating elements that result in greater profitability for final providers of tourism products. The ITIS vision is Slovenia's comprehensive online and mobile presence of Slovenia with regard to its potential, opportunities and users' practices on all key markets.

The department monitors new developments and trends in tourism information technology and adjusts its guidelines for operation accordingly. It maintains the official Slovenian tourist information portal, which is by far the most popular among all the Slovenian media with regard to the number of users, site visits, and visitor diversity. The department established a broad administrator network of portal partners, who ensure that the information on the portal is up-to-date, correct, and relevant.

The department coordinates and educates a network of local administrators, which manage presentations of local tourist services at, offers them adequate training, and keeps them up to date with new developments in e-marketing through all-day training modules for portal administrators and an annual two-day professional seminar (motivational meetings for portal administrators), with appearances from recognised Slovenian and foreign professionals in the area of IT in tourism.

It manages the administration of CRM databases and other business applications in the framework of STB which support promotional activities of Slovenia as a tourist destination, for instance the application for forwarding newsletters to various target groups, the application for high-resolution photographs Photo Library, and Tourist Press Agency – TPA. At the same time, it offers information support to colleagues managing e-marketing activities and partners during their applications to events (through e-applications), online advertising and innovation projects. Moreover, the Department for E-Business is responsible for the smooth operation of the Categorization of Accommodation Facilities and Register of Accommodation Facilities applications.

Social Networks

Due to the rapid development of information and communication technology in tourism, this area deserves a lot of attention. Online communities and online social networks namely make possible fast, responsive and efficient sharing of content related to a broad range of tourist services at a global level. Since online social networks encompass a lot of content that is forwarded and published by users themselves, this content, comments, or publications gain greater trust among social network users. Promotion and communication through social networks facilitate responsive two-way communication, which is a significant advantage. For the providers of tourist services social networks serve as a reminder that they need to continuously improve their tourist services in order to get good reviews or to disseminate additional and effective promotional information through channels with a great number of active users.
Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, TripAdvisor, etc.) are one of the most important elements of a company's marketing strategy, since statistics show that they have a significant influence on the behaviour and buying habits of tourists (consumers).

The Tourism Division accordingly intensively and vigorously promotes Slovenian tourist services on social networks. We also prepare educational workshops for the partners of Slovenian tourism economy, monthly news in the area of digital trends, recommendations (E-Guidelines), and analyses of online social networks in order to enable efficient operation in the area of social networks.

More information on our activities is available at: Web Portal Participation and Opportunities
Portal Popularity and Trends
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Categorization of Accommodation Facilities
For more information, please, send us an e-mail to the following address: eposlovanje(at) 

The Department for the Development of IS and E-Business:
– Ms Aleksandra Jerebic Topolovec
Tel.: 00386 1 589 85 67
email: aleksandra.jerebictopolovec(at)  

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