Finalists 2013

This year, seven destinations contended for the title EDEN 2013, while the expert committee selected three finalists.

Laško – confluence of good
Only the Laško municipality is participating in the tender; however, in cooperation and through programs at Laško Spa, it has developed a wide palette of products for accessible tourism. Various handicapped target groups are provided with wellness and health tourism services (honey and beer treatments in connection with local cuisine), programs of active countryside (natural and cultural heritage, excursions, visits to craftsmen, etc.) and various types of sports tourism. All services in these basic areas are adjusted and accessible not only to handicapped athletes but also to all other handicapped persons. Moreover, the infrastructure, transport, methods of guidance, etc. are also adjusted for their needs. The municipality also strongly cooperates with various societies and associations.

The Radovljica municipality is participating in the tender. The town of Radovljica obtained the 'Handicapped Friendly' certificate in 2006. The programs of accessible tourism are present in the entire area of the municipality and are intended for people with movement and sensory impairments as well as for psychologically and intellectually impaired persons, elderly and others. The programs include not only museums, sports facilities and the Gorenjska Beekeepers' Centre, but also Šobec Camp, various restaurants, the pilgrim centre in Brezje, Krek Hotel and local room providers; moreover, they have a special Linhart path for blind and visually impaired persons, etc. They are also cooperating with government and non-government organisations, disability and other organisations and associations.

Green Karst
The following municipalities are participating in the tender: Bloke, Cerknica, Ilirska Bistrica, Loška dolina, Pivka and Postojna. Their offer of accessible tourism is intended for persons with movement and sensory impairments as well as for psychologically and intellectually impaired persons and the elderly. Considering the very diverse offer of the destination characterized by extremes (for instance, the underground cave world or Military History Park), the committee was excited about the very realistic and relatively wide addressing of the indicated target groups. This is also seen in all necessary equipment, infrastructure and systematic education of guides. Individual providers also participate with related associations and non-government organisations.

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