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Roman settlement Castra

Ajdovščina was once a Roman settlement, which has almost entirely preserved the enclosing circular wall with its 14 towers. The Romans started building a military settlement round 270 AD which was a part of the defensive system on the east border of the Roman Empire. Moreover, Ajdovščina has for centuries developed only within this settlement. Besides this, the Romans have left also other interesting trails, which helped us to learn about it and get to know the Roman life and culture.

Path along the Surrounding Wall

Take a walk along the Roman wall, surrounding the Roman Ajdovščina and see what was life back then like. The path goes along the wall and leads through several small squares, as well as through the main square, which was the forum of the Roman camp.
In the southern part of the town core, where a market is set nowadays, you can see the remains of the Roman baths. Not only did the Romans pay great attention to hygiene and health, but they also used baths for social meetings.
Historic Battle and the Bora
A ruthless and ferocious battle between the Roman Emperor Theodosius and the usurper Eugenius took place in 394 on the River Frigidus aka the Frigid River, which is supposedly the Hubelj River. The Roman poet Caludius Claudianus was inspired by this historical event that impacted the world history and assigned Theodosius’s victory to the ferocious bora which deviated Eugenius’s arrows and defeated him.

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