Nature Parks

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The conditions are ideal in Slovenia for leisure, recreation and tourism in the natural environment. More than ten percent of the country’s territory is given over to nature parks. Triglav National Park is the only national park; alongside three regional parks, there are almost 45 landscape parks. At the same time, Slovenia is included in the Natura 2000 European network of nature protection areas, intended to preserve biodiversity, and more than a third of the country falls within these areas. Slovenia promotes ethical tourism in the nature parks. The fundamental idea is a service for people seeking tranquillity and relaxation amidst natural beauty.
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Nature Parks (44)
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MapGoričko Nature Park,  Grad

MapKozjansko Park,  Podsreda

MapNotranjska Regional Park,  Cerknica

MapSečovlje Salina Nature Park,  Seča

MapThe Logar valley Landscape Park,  Logarska Dolina

MapThe Škocjan Caves Regional Park,  Matavun

MapTriglav National Park,  Bled

MapDragonja Valley,  Popetre

MapParadana Ice Cave in the Trnovo Forest,  Predmeja

MapVrbje pond,  Vrbje

MapA summer bathing spot at Lajšt,  Idrijska Bela

MapDravograd: Košenjak - Velka Regional Park,  Dravograd

MapDuplje lake,  Lepena

MapFlower park,  Mozirje

MapForest reserve Smrečje,  Predmeja

MapJuliana - Alpine Botanical Garden,  Trenta

MapKaluder Stream,  Log pod Mangartom

MapKatedrala (the Cathedral Waterfall),  Log pod Mangartom

MapKloma,  Trenta

MapKluže Basins,  Bovec

MapKozjansko park,  Podsreda

MapLandscape park Ljutomer – Ormož Hills,  Ormož

MapLimarica,  Trenta

MapMangart saddle, Mangrtsko sedlo,  Strmec na Predelu

MapMožnica gorge,  Log pod Mangartom

MapNatural park Robanov Kot,  Robanov Kot

MapNatural park Strunjan,  Strunjan

MapParc Jeruzalem,  Ljutomer

MapPark by Škale lake,  Škale

MapPolhov gradec dolomites landscape park,  Polhov Gradec

MapPredelica Stream,  Strmec na Predelu

MapPrisojnik windows,  Trenta

MapRakov Škocjan,  Rakov Škocjan

MapRiver Kolpa,  Dol

MapSoča Basins at Kršovec,  Kal-Koritnica

MapŠkocjanski zatok Nature Reserve,  Koper

MapŠtrumovci Regional Park,  Videm pri Ptuju

MapThe castle park,  Slovenska Bistrica

MapThe spa park,  Dobrna

MapTirske Peči,  Ter

MapZgornja Idrijca Natural Park,  Idrija

MapZois's Park,  Javorniški Rovt



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