Travelling around Slovenia

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Slovenia is such a varied and diverse country that it is worth spending some time getting to know it. Come and discover it now, when there are still no crowds of tourists. You may smile at this invitation and think it an oxymoron, but there is no doubt that the beauties of Slovenia are attracting an increasing number of people.
You can of course get to know Slovenia's most popular attractions in just a few days, but there are so many other gems waiting to be discovered that you will have no trouble filling an exciting itinerary for a week or more.

On your own or with a guide

Getting round Slovenia by bus or train is straightforward if you are visiting larger towns and tourist resorts. If you also wish to get to know the countryside and some of the more remote attractions, travelling by car – your own or a hire car – is a better choice.

If you are not sure how devise your own itinerary, why not check out the multi-day itineraries offered by regional tourist boards. These travel plans include lists of attractions worth visiting, recommendations of places to eat and drink, and suitable accommodation. And of course you can adapt the itinerary to your own wishes and requirements.

If you want a totally carefree holiday and prefer to leave the organising to someone else, travel agents offer several interesting itineraries. These are generally for small groups travelling by minibus or executive coach. Although the itinerary is decided in advance, many travel agents will adapt them to the wishes and needs of the group members.

Foreign travel agents specialising in Slovenia

As with guided tours, guides from several foreign travel agents specialising in Slovenia can accompany you on your trip round the country. Check whether travel agents in your country offer this service.

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MapTours of Ljubljana on Request,  Ljubljana

MapPre-booked Tours of Ljubljana: A Walk Through the Art Nouveau Ljubljana,  Ljubljana

MapPre-booked Tours of Ljubljana: A Walk Through the Baroque Ljubljana,  Ljubljana

MapPre-booked Tours of Ljubljana: A Walk Through the Prešeren's Ljubljana,  Ljubljana

MapPre-booked Tours of Ljubljana: Cycling Tour of Ljubljana,  Ljubljana

MapPre-booked Tours of Ljubljana: Walk Through the Plečnik's Ljubljana,  Ljubljana

MapPre-booked Tours of Ljubljana: Walking Tour of the Churches in Ljubljana,  Ljubljana

MapScheduled tours of Ljubljana,  Ljubljana

MapSightseeing tour of town hall,  Ljubljana

MapA golf,  Olimje

MapActive Holidays in Dolenjska and Bela krajina, 8 days,  Novo Mesto

Adrenaline Rush

MapAgency TrekTrek - comfortable adventures,  Ljubljana

MapAmong the Stories of Old Cities,  Kranj

MapBicycling in Pomurje,  Andrejci

MapBlejski Vintgar Trail,  Podhom

MapBoat Tour on the Ljubljanica River,  Ljubljana

MapBojc poterry,  Dolenja vas

MapCankar Memorial House,  Vrhnika

MapCellarseeinng and winetasting - P&F Jeruzalem Ormož,  Ormož

Classic trips - Between vineyards and the river Kolpa

Classic trips - LEPA ANKA

Classic trips - ZELENI JURE

MapCultural Heritage of Bohinj,  Bohinj Ribičev Laz

Cycling and walking

Cyling Tours- From Alps to See

Daily trips and tours - Cave Rafting Adventure

Daily trips and tours - East Circle

Daily trips and tours - Emerald River Soca

Daily trips and tours - Karst and Coast

Daily trips and tours - Logar Valley

Daily trips and tours - The Kamnik Alps Diversity

Daily trips and tours - Top Ljubljana Foods

Daily trips and tours - West Roundy

Daily trips and tours- Alpine Fairytale

MapDeer farm: "Jelenov greben",  Olimje

MapDivje babe Archeological Park– half-day excursion,  Cerkno

MapEma's route of pilgrimage,  Žiri

MapEnigmarium Escape Room,  Ljubljana

MapFarm Martin Amon,  Virštanj

MapFranc Jaklič woodenware vessels,  Sajevec

MapGoriška,  Nova Gorica

MapGuided bear watching tours,  Markovec

MapGuided Tour of the Town of Ormož,  Ormož

MapGuided tours of Celje and The Old Castle Celje,  Celje

MapHaler brewery,  Olimje

MapHappy Johnny,  Novo Mesto

MapHuman Fish Brewery,  Vrhnika

MapIstra - Tours,  Koper

MapJaka pottery atelier,  Ribnica

MapKozjansko Apple,  Podsreda

MapKozjansko park,  Podsreda

MapKozje,  Kozje

MapKras Region – 5 days,  Štanjel

MapKrn,  Kobarid

MapLand of fairytales and fantasy,  Olimje

MapLjubljana Marsh,  Vrhnika

MapLocal Tourist Guides in the Area of Ormož Municipality,  Ormož

MapLurška jama cave,  Zagorje

MapMaribor in two hours,  Maribor

MapKrn,  Kobarid

MapMultipurpose sports hall Podčetrtek,  Podčetrtek

MapMuseum of farm equipment,  Podčetrtek

Mysterious Notranjska Karst – 4 days

MapOlimje minorite monastery,  Olimje

MapOrmož Castle,  Ormož

MapOrmož Park,  Ormož

Ostirjeva Farm

MapPavlin Beekeeping,  Semič

MapPogorelec – Češarek pottery,  Ribnica

MapPony ranch Ogrizek,  Podčetrtek

MapPossible sight seeing of Ormož and its surroundings,  Ormož

Postojna Cave and Castle

MapPrem castle,  Prem

Prosciutto producing facility Kras

Prosciutto producing facility Mevlja

MapPršutarna Lokev na Krasu / ham-drying facility in Lokev na Krasu,  Lokev

MapRoad train Hlapon,  Podčetrtek

MapSightseeing Ljubljana with a digital tour guide,  Ljubljana

MapSightseeing tour in Železniki,  Železniki

Slovenian Fairytale - Slovenia in 5 days

Slovenian Weekend - Slovenia in 3 days

MapSpecial Moments on the Bizeljsko-Sremiška Wine Road,  Brežice

MapStajnko's Water Mill,  Ormož

Svete Gore above Sotla

MapSyncerus chocolare boutique,  Olimje

MapTerme Olimia,  Podčetrtek

MapThe most beautiful forests and their secrets between Turjak and Kostel, 2 days,  Ribnica

MapThe Municipality of Brežice, a place from your dreams,  Čatež ob Savi

MapThe path of ironworkers and blacksmiths,  Železniki

MapThe Search for Veronika's treasure,  Kamnik

TheKey Escape Room Ljubljana

MapThematic trips - Bela krajina wine tourist road,  Metlika

Thematic trips - BOATING ROUTES

Thematic trips - The Day of Bela krajina culinarics

MapTolminka River ,  Tolmin

MapTomaž Košir woodenware,  Ribnica

MapTour of the Medieval City Core of Novo mesto,  Novo Mesto

MapTourist train ride to Ljubljana castle,  Ljubljana

Tracing the Rupnik Line

MapTwo-day trip on the Sun Route,  Ormož

MapVelika Nedelja Castle ('Gross Sontag'),  Ormož

MapVisiting Oil mill Središče ob Dravi,  Ormož

MapWeekend in Bela krajina, 3 days,  Novo Mesto

MapWeekend in Dolenjska, 3 days,  Novo Mesto

MapWeekend in Notranjska, 3 days,  Novo Mesto

MapWhere Witches Bewitched Nature,  Cerknica

MapWind Route on the Coast – 3 days,  Izola

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