Brand of Slovenia – a story of the senses

A strong brand is the best marketing tool for modern countries faced with increasing competition. In that context, Slovenia will be more successful, as we have gained a new brand – the brand of Slovenia called I Feel Slovenia.

The manager of the Slovenia brand is the Government Communication Office, which is aided in implementing the Slovenia brand by an interdepartmental group. The Slovenia brand and our brand of tourism will thrive if they are implemented by all of their users – in other words everyone that makes up Slovenia.

The core of the brand of Slovenia

The core of the brand of Slovenia is made of Slovenian green. In Slovenia, green represents more than just a colour; it is Slovenian green , expressing the balance between the calmness of nature and the diligence of Slovenians. It speaks of unspoilt nature and our focus to preserve nature as such. It symbolises ...more

Overall Slovenia brand design

Overall Slovenia brand design ...more

Brand market communication tools

We present the brand of Slovenia and Slovenian tourism through various market communication tools, as well as through personal contacts and through the experiences we offer to everyone who comes into contact with Slovenia. An experience of our country even before any personal contact with Slovenia is provided ...more

From Linden Leaf through a Bouquet of Flowers to I Feel Slovenia

Countries have always been competing for the attention of media and other target groups, for investments, for a better position on the international market of goods and services… And they have also been competing for tourists. Slovenia has been aware of the meaning of independent recognisability even before its ...more

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Priročnik znamke Slovenije


Priročnik turistične znamke Slovenije


Celostna grafična podoba znamke Slovenije


Overall Slovenia brand design



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