14 Slovenian natural spas

To feel Slovenia means to feel good. Slovenia's 14 certified natural health resorts offer a comprehensive view of health. As well as excellent medical services, they are also developing innovative forms of preventive and alternative programmes for health and beauty, self-confidence, relaxation and experiences that recharge the soul. Programmes include natural factors of proven effectiveness and activities adapted to the individual. Slovenian natural spas are united in the Slovenian Spas Community.


Most Slovenian natural health resorts are in eastern Slovenia, but there are two at the coast. Get to know them a little better.

Prekmurje three

In the far north-east of Slovenia, in the valley of the River Mura, three excellent natural spas have been developed, and can be visited in Radenci, Moravske Toplice and Lendava.

Terme Radenci is best known for the Radenska mineral water, but the spa is celebrated for its effective treatment programmes for heart and vascular diseases. Terme 3000 has unique black thermal water with specific therapeutic effects and a top-class spa hotel. The main speciality of Terme Lendava is the unique paraffin thermal mineral water, which is the basis for balneotherapy.

Štajerska seven

There are seven natural spas to visit in the vicinity of Pohorje, in the area of the Kozjansko Regional Park, in the oldest town in Slovenia and in the town known for the largest brewery in Slovenia.

On the edge of the green Pohorje stands the oldest Slovenian natural spa, Terme Dobrna, famed for its marble baths in the spa house. Terme Topolšica is an ideal environment to relax in nature and to treat respiratory problems, Terme Zreče is celebrated for its acratothermal water and unique natural treatment, Pohorje peat. Rogaška Spa is known for its therapeutic mineral water Donat Mg. At Thermana Laško, part of the spa complex was built over the River Savinja. Terme Olimia offers bathing in silicon-rich water. The thermal mineral waters at Terme Ptuj are a pleasant help for rheumatic diseases.

Dolenjska three

Indulge yourself in one of the three spas in Dolenjska on the River Krka, the most beautiful river in south-eastern Slovenia. Terme Čatež, the thermal Riviera, offers fun for all the family. Terme Dolenjske Toplice offers a modern wellness centre in a picturesque setting. At Terme Šmarješke Toplice you can enjoy a wooden pool built right above a thermal spring.


On the Slovenian coast, feel the therapeutic effects of sea mud and brine in the Talaso Strunjan spa, known for its thalassotherapy centre.

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