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Aerial activities can be the 'high point' of your adventure in Slovenia. Fly above the varied terrain in a light aircraft. The more courageous can even choose to experience an aerobatic flight.

Panoramic and aerobatic flights in a light aircraft

Slovenia has 13 sports airfields, all of which offer panoramic flights in light aircraft. Some also offer flights in a special aerobatic aircraft. The best-known airfields include Lesce in Gorenjska, Skoke near Maribor and Rakičan near Murska Sobota. A panoramic flight usually lasts half an hour although it may last longer if you wish. Experienced pilots can fly you over Mount Triglav or even beyond the borders of Slovenia.

Panoramic flights are relaxing, but aerobatic flights are something quite different. The various manoeuvres performed by highly trained pilots are an adrenaline-boosting adventure. You will experience acceleration up to 300 km/h and g-forces of over 5, so these flights are not for everyone. Flying schools operate from some sports airfields. Helicopter flights are also available at some airfields.

Tandem parachute jumps

Sports airfields are also equipped with skydiving aircraft suitable for parachute jumps. No previous experience is necessary for this exhilarating freefall adventure. The instructors who jump with you prepare you before the jump and encourage you to relax. In this way even your first parachute jump can be pleasurable.

A tandem jump is from an altitude of approximately 4,000 metres and the freefall lasts approximately 60 seconds. Your experienced instructor ensures you make a safe landing. Your tandem skydive can be filmed by a cameraman who jumps almost simultaneously with you. Some operators give you the chance to enrol in skydiving school.


Slovenia has numerous hills and mountains with good launch sites for paragliders. Among the best known are Krvavec and Vogel, which offer marvellous views of the beautiful Slovenian countryside. Paragliding is also possible in tandem, where you leave yourself in the hands of an experienced instructor.

Tandem flight operators fly all year around provided weather conditions are suitable. If there is too much wind or the weather is poor, the flight will be postponed for safety reasons. Some paragliding operators offer beginner's and advanced paragliding courses. Once you have obtained your licence you can safely surrender yourself to amazing aerial sensations on your own.


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