Slovenia is a safe country. Wherever you are, even late at night in the cities, you can have no cause for concern. There is nevertheless a marginal risk of becoming a victim of certain crimes, most commonly theft. The risk of such unpleasantness can be minimised, if not prevented, by taking the right action. We recommend that you:

- safeguard your belongings and do not leave them in the open, in a car for example

- only carry as much cash as you need

- keep valuables and large sums of cash in a hotel safe

- avoid unlit and deserted streets after dark

- lock your car, and park in well-lit public parking areas

- before leaving home make photocopies of all documents, travel tickets, reservations, etc.; in the event of theft or loss, this will make it easier to prove your identity and to arrange replacement documents

What to do if…?

If you become a victim of theft despite your precautions, call the police immediately on 113.

If your documents are stolen or lost, you can also turn to your embassy or consulate in Slovenia.


In larger towns and cities you might be approached by homeless people begging for money, but they are not dangerous.

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