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THERMANA d.d. thermal wellness park Laško - Hotel Zdravilišče ****

Zdraviliška cesta 4 3270 Laško
+386 3 423 21 00
Hotel Zdravilišče Laško****, Thermana d.d.


The hotel is situated in the midst of a quiet park beside the River Savinja, a mere 10 minutes walk from the town centre.


210 rooms, 370 beds, 91beds are specially adapted for those whose movement is restricted.

Cable TV, mini bar, shower, WC, telephone, hair dryer, bathrobe, some rooms have a balcony, internet connection or air condition.

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P: +386 (0) 3 423 21 00
P: +386 (0) 3 423 22 00

Thermal water
The mysterious power of Laško`s Thermal Springs

Since ancient times people have known about the mysterious power of Laško`s Thermal Springs. In the middle Ages thermal water was used by local people as well as missionaries. In 1854 the cosmopolitan health resort of the Austro-Hungarian Emperor Francis Joseph I. had developed beside the Savinja River.
Today the Laško Thermana Laško is a modern health tourism centre with programs and services for health and well-being. Thermal water from Laško helped many people to regain health and to keep their well-being.

Medical rehabilitation

In Thermana Laško we use thermal water as a natural healing factor for rehabilitation. Guests can swim in our in- and outdoor swimming pools or relax in thermal baths.
The healing effects of thermal water had been proved through years of experience especially for people with slightly heightened blood pressure, with chronic inflamation of joints and for people with spine and other serous injuries as well as for the handicapped people. Some of the components of healing procedure with thermal water are as follows: Learning to walk in water, Kneipp pool with river gravel, massages with underwater jet, pearl baths, cooled baths and Hubbard`s baths. To proof  all beneficent effects of our thermal water which has allready been proved throuhg years, we have decided to do additional research.
In cooperation with the BION Institute, our thermal water has been through chemical analysis in the last year and many other analyses too. All researches proved its positive biological effects.
The basic pufpose of researches has benn to establish biological effects of Laško`s thermal water, especially in the sense of imprinted in water subtle field or as we rather say bio field.
At the same time a thorough chemical analysis had been carried out made by Activation Laboratories ( with headquarters in Canada. Based on the method of dr. Masaru Emoto, the Bion Institute made photography of water crystals of Laško`s thermal water.

Quality of water bio field

The very first researches made by Bion Institute indicated high quality  of bio field of Laško`s Thermal water, which undoubtedly has positive effect on bio field of organisms. This is of great importance with a period of convalescence as with regeneration and with healing.
Salutary ionic structure had been pfoved in Canada with thorouhg chemical analysis. Positiveness of Laško`s thermal water subtitle field is howed by stabile and fine shaped water crystals, which had been photographed by Bion Institute with the method of world-known researcher of water crystals and water memory - Dr. Masara Emota.

Based on his interpretative methodology we may get to conclusion about Laško`s water with high quality, rich and simulative energy.

At the same time it contributes to balance between mind and body. Dut to its richness it enables organism to take the ordered information from water and use it where it needs it. On the other hand it enalbes oranism to take inforamtion of fresh, dynamic and renovated force and use it where new power is needed.
"Thermana Laško is the first spa in Slovenia to analyse its water with the latest methods of subtle field. They know their water the best. This way they can offer a lot more to its guests especially in the sense of fulfilling and healthy life and they can speak proudly about it", says Branka Lovrečič, Director of the Bion Institute.

2008 is an important turning point for Laško Health Resort. The company with 150 year-long health resort tradition is upgrading the value of a globally recognised centre of health, rest, and relaxation with an extraordinary wellness infrastructure and services.

At Wellness Park Laško, only a short step from the well-known and established Health Resort, we decided to further exploit the opportunity of using the curative thermal water and develop attractive, modern public baths with a Sauna Centre that opened on 16 February 2008. In August we are going to open a wellness hotel with 104 rooms, a restaurant, a cafe and a revamped spa centre. In a year, the current capacities will be completed with a hotel with 100 rooms, a congress centre, a night club, and a wedding hall, which will rank us among the most inclusive wellness centres in this part of Europe. The whole project is expected to be finished in 2010.

Wellness Park Laško is distinguished by a holistic approach in dealing with man's requirements and expectations. The inspiration for developing various services is man building their own world with a healthy and relaxed way of life. We wish to fulfil your life.


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TIC Laško 
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GPS Northing (N) : 46,1599 
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