Hiking theme trails

For hikers who want a little more from their exploration of the Slovenian landscape, the Ramblers’ Association and the Slovenian Tourist Board have designed special thematic hiking trails. The diverse range of trails, from the coast to mountains topping two thousand metres, include not just the well-known hiking destinations but also some lesser known but no less fascinating areas.

The thematic hiking trails include:

- cultural/ethnological trails (cultural heritage trails, historical trails, pilgrims’ trails, food and wine trails)

- nature trails (natural heritage trails, forest interpretive trails, trails through protected areas)

- sports/recreation trails (Nordic walking trails, walks, exercise trails, fitness trails)

Each trail provides basic information on the duration of moderate walking without stops and the length of the trail in kilometres. They also offer the most suitable maps and leaflets or other publications with additional information. The information includes a contact for trail guides. This is highly recommended for trails with historical or culinary content and other areas of special interest, since this can help you learn about, taste and experience many things that would otherwise be hidden.

You can also hire a guide for walking the thematic trails.

One of the main features of the thematic hiking trails is that along the way there are options for staying overnight in dedicated accommodation for hikers.

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