Team building

An increasing number of companies and organisations are aware that their success depends on their employees. Good cooperation among employees who know each other well and trust each other is an important success factor. Since it can sometimes be hard to find the time for certain details or the right approach during the ordinary working day, team building is highly recommended. Slovenia offers a very varied range of team-building programmes.

Team-building skills

The programmes on offer are very flexible. All organisers of team-building activities listen to the wishes and needs of the individual team, which means that programmes are often completely personalised, in order to create a group that is as connected and cohesive as possible.

Team-building activities are run by experienced instructors and professionals who also help participants develop the following skills:

- Getting to know individuals and respecting their individual differences,
- Group dynamics: mutual relations, cooperation, trust and risk,
- Teamwork and team-leading,
- The team approach to problem-solving,
- Transfer of knowledge to real-life situations.

Through games and adrenaline-boosting activities to success

There are as many team-building programmes as there are providers. Each one enables or offers something new or different. Some of the more common activities include:

- Treasure hunt,
- Adrenaline parks,
- Competitive games.

Water sports form an important part of the activities:

- Rafting,
- Hydrospeed,
- Canyoning
- Kayaking.

You can also choose among the following activities:

- Trekking,
- Climbing,
- Abseiling,
- Caving,
- Mountain biking,
- Paintball,
- Survival,
- Fly-fishing,
- Team building in karst caves.

See individual agencies for other activities. Team-building programmes are organised in various parts of Slovenia.

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