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Tominčev waterfall

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The Tominčev waterfall on the Beli potok stream near Podljubelj is carved in a wall of beautiful conglomerate rock.
The stream splits at the top of the waterfall, and its thicker branch first slides over a smoothed channelled face that soon ends, leaving the water to drop vertically into a pool. The thinner stream gnaws its way a little to the side along a fault fissure all the way to the bottom. The Tominčev waterfall drops past walls of conglomerate rock that is good 230 million years old.
After heavy rains, the two streams join and their roar echoes across the Šentanska Valley.
What makes Tominčev slap different from other waterfalls and makes it especially worth visiting are the astonishing layers of solid conglomerate rock behind it.

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