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The 'Taste Slovenia' Culinary Centre

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Organizer : Dvor Jezeršek

Address: Zgornji Brnik 63, 4207 Cerklje na Gorenjskem
Phone: ++386 4 252 94 00
By opening the Jezeršek – Brnik 1768 house in 2007, the Jezeršek family entered a path of comprehensive preservation of the rich Slovenian cultural heritage and the tourist offer in connection with this heritage. By establishing the culinary centre 'Taste Slovenia', guests of the more than 200 year old homestead are provided with, besides the atmosphere of accommodation and congress offer, a top-level culinary experience.

Here, tourists can taste the gastronomy from all the Slovenian regions all in one place, while goods in the form of prepared 'souvenirs' can also be taken home. Another special value of the awarded product is also its universality, since the Jezeršek family can offer this culinary experience at the same quality level in any selected location. The Jezeršek house - culinary centre 'Taste Slovenia' is basically a simple but rich experience – with the Jezeršek family food, this experience is not self-evident, but is part of a deeper message passed on to all guests: you are what you eat. 


Administrator : Zavod Novi turizem | | last modified: 28/12/2011

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