Religious heritage

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Over the centuries, the Christian faith has made its mark on Slovenian culture and had an important influence on its history. The most visible signs of Christianity in Slovenia are of course the religious buildings that can be seen at almost every turn, forming a priceless part of the cultural heritage. Numerous churches draw you into their peaceful interiors with priceless fittings. Centuries-old monasteries also attract visitors.
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There are some three thousand churches in Slovenia, scattered across villages and isolated hills. Most are Catholic and cover all significant periods and architectural styles. Interesting religious monuments include churches reinforced by enclosing walls and towers to defend against Turkish attacks. The most ...


Slovenian monasteries are among the oldest preserved parts of religious heritage. The monastery at Stična, which has been working for almost 900 years, is one of the most popular tourist attractions. The remains of the amazing Carthusian monastery in Žiče also receive many visitors. Several monasteries are renowned ...

Pilgrimage trails

In recent years, pilgrim trails have again become well known in Slovenia. The trails pass through renowned pilgrim centres such as Brezje, Ptujska Gora and Sveta Gora pri Gorici, as well as numerous beauty spots around Slovenia. One of the best-known pilgrim trails is the St Emma trail, which crosses much of the ...

Shrines and chapels

Chapels and other signs of worship are an unmistakable part of every Slovenian village. Chapels are also integral parts of some churches, and they can even be found in some secular buildings, such as major hospitals or institutions. One of the most interesting is the Russian Chapel at Vršič.

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