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A pilgrimage to Linden Trees and Saints

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The first part of the route is described above in “Where Love Found a Safe Harbour.” From the shade of the gigantic linden tree in Nova Štifta, continue through Sodražica to Hrib-Loški potok. Enter Croatia at the Podplanina border crossing, and then cross back into Slovenia at Zamost, just a stone’s throw from Osilnica with its excellent hotel, restaurant, and water sports center on the Kolpa River. Continue your pilgrimage to the seven little churches in the Valley of Peter Klepec: Sv. Peter and Pavel in Osilnica, Sv. Egidij in Ribjek, Sv. Vid in Bosljiva Loka, and Sv. Ana on a promontory high above the Kolpa River. Near Fara, stop to see the Nežica Waterfall (10) and climb the path to Kostel Castle (12). Wash away the dust of travel in the Kolpa, treat yourself to a homemade dinner in the village of Brsnik, and spend the night in Stari trg. Continue your trip to the group of three Gothic parish churches called Tri fare in Rosalnice. Still waiting for your visit are the Church of Mary in Stopno, Sv. Rupert in Šentrupert, Sv. Frančišek on Vesela gora, the Church of Mary in Trebnje and the Mother of God Church in Zaplaz near Čatež. 

GPS Northing (N) : 45,7447 
GPS Easting (E) : 14,6648 
Administrator : Javni zavod Rokodelski center Ribnica | ++386 1 836 11 04 | | last modified: 13/05/2008
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Nova Štifta

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GPS N: 45,7447
E: 14,6648
Place: Nova Štifta

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