Angling societies

The rich stocks of fish in Slovenia’s rivers and lakes can be credited in large part to the angling societies and the Fisheries Institute of Slovenia. In numerous fishing areas of Slovenia you can still catch wild fish, which is now quite a rarity in other countries. The angling societies, which take care of individual fishing areas, can also act as your best guide on where and when to go fishing and what you need to do before and after you fish.

Establishing a natural balance is not without its problems in Slovenia’s rivers and lakes, since several species of fish are protected and endangered. But it is the angling societies and Fisheries Institute that have contributed to the renewed population growth of several fish species. And another major contribution comes from the approach of anglers, who are increasingly opting for ‘catch and release’ fishing. The thrill and satisfaction on catching a fish, while knowing that you will immediately release it again, are in no way diminished, assert the anglers who fish in this way. You too can be one of those anglers.

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