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The Kolpa river and its valley have by miraculous coincidence managed to avoid the fate of most European rivers. It still flows without obstruction, retreated into another long past period. In the still calm Kolpa valley, the red-spotted brown trout catch flies in the way that they always have. Behind a rock in the middle of a bubbling stream, the orange tail fin gives away the presence of a resting grayling. These two, together with the huchen, live in the upper reaches between Osilnica and Fara. Downstream from the inflow of the Kupica on the Croatian side the river is home to barbel, chub, Danube roach and nase. Grayling may be found as far as Dol. From Metlika downstream, there are no more salmonids, but pike and wels appear ever more frequently. 

The left bank of the Kolpa (the right bank is in Croatia) is managed by four organisations:

· from the inflow of the Čabranka to the dam at Slavski Laz:

RD Kočevje – Kočevje Fishing Club

tel.: +386 41 921 440
e-mail: ,

· from the dam at Slavski Laz to the dam at Dol pri Starem trgu:

ZZRS – the Fisheries Research Institute of Slovenia

tel.: +386 1 244 34 00

· from the dam at Dol pri Starem trgu to the dam at Krasinec:

RD Črnomelj – Črnomelj Fishing Club

tel.: +386 7 305 10 22, +386 51 614 636

· from the dam at Krasinec to the state border:

RD Metlika – Metlika Fishing Club

tel.: +386 40 121 997


GPS Northing (N) : 45,5314 
GPS Easting (E) : 14,7021 


Place: Osilnica
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