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The Ljubljanica is a typical karst river with a short and slow course (38 km). Its basin, including the surface tributaries between Vrhnika and its confluence with the Sava near Zalog, covers an area of 1779 km2. Its karst hinterland up to the sources near Vrhnika covers an area about 1100 km2. The karst section of the Ljubljanica'sdrainage basin consists of high mainly wooded plains and of a much less elevated area which is much more suitable for traffic and therefore more densely populated. The area features terraced karst plains with intermittent streams: Trebuhovica in Babno polje near Prezid, Obrh in Loški Valley, Stržen and its tributaries in Cerkniško polje, Rak in Rakov Škocjan, Pivka near Postojna and Unica in Planinsko polje. Under the surface these waters join those from Logaško polje, from the area of Rovte (Logaščica, Rovtarica, Petkovščica) and from Hotenjka; in this area there are several minor intermittent streams which underground join either the Idrijca or the Ljubljanica. The underground current of the Ljubljanica surfaces at the south-western edge of Ljubljana Marsh near Vrhnika. Most of the sources are located in the steepheads of Retovje and Močilnik and near Bistra. From the dawn of mankind these sources have always exerted a special attraction. They were frequented by Stone Age hunters, by lake-dwellers from the pile houses in the Ljubljana Marsh and even-so the legend goes-by Jason, Medeia and the Argonauts carrying the Golden Fleece on their way from the Black Sea. 

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