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The Sejalec
is the annual award of SPIRIT Slovenia, Slovenian Tourist Board for innovation and creativity in tourism. The Sejalec rewards successful tourism innovations or well planned and successfully executed new products and improvements that contain the elements of the applicant's originality, systematic business thinking and high quality promotion of Slovene tourism. The main aim of the Sejalec is to spur creativity and innovation on an entrepreneurial level, in destinations, tourism associations and in marketing of tourism products.

The basic motto of the competition is "rewarding successful TOURISM INNOVATIONS or WELL planned and SUCCESSFULLY realized NEW PRODUCTS or IMPROVEMENTS that contain the elements of the applicant's ORIGINALITY, SYSTEMATIC business thinking and high quality promotion of SLOVENE tourism."

The Sejalec competition is coordinated by the Bank of Tourism Potentials in Slovenia. The selection procedure takes place in several phases. The winners are announced at the annual Slovenian tourism conference.

For more information on the Sejalec competition please contact .

Visit tourist pages for more information on the winners.

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