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Land of Harmonious Energies from Lijak to Sekulak

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The well-marked trail from Lijak to Sekulak leads along the Ajdovščina - Nova Gorica road axis and the string of settlements on the slopes of the Trnovska planota plateau to the north and among the fertile fields to the south all the way to Vogršček. In between spread vast vineyards and orchards. The trail runs from Šmihel, Ozeljan, Šempas, and Vitovlje to Osek and is designed so walkers can choose a section and direction that matches their physical condition and interests.
We recommend visiting Šempas, which developed from an anti-Turkish defense encampment. Mainardi Manor, the manor of the aristocratic Voccani family, and the Baroque Church of Sv. Silvester are also interesting. In Šmihel, the Church of Sv. Mihael is worth visiting, Ozeljan offers a visit to the Zuccatto villa and its garden, and admire the Church of Sv. Peter and the Church of Sv. Marija in Vitovlje. Stop in Osek to admire the centennial linden tree called “the linden at the center of the world” by the villagers. All along the trail there are wonderful views.

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