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The path along the boreder of Rapal

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The path starts in »Žiri« at the parish church of St. Martin the belfries of which can be seen from the far. We can go over the bridge and along a cart track road on the left bank of the river »Sora« under the foothills of »Žirk« to »Ledinica« or to the church of St. Ana. It is said that dragon Lintvern lives in »Žirk« and drinks water from the underground lake every morning and then waits for the earthquake to make a hole, so that he can get out and eat the most beautiful girl. Therefore he could avenge himself on those who chained him in the underground.

It certainly wasn't the pilgrims who used to come to the church. Today the church is closed most of the time, the worship of god is carried out only on the name days of the church patrons – St. Ana and St. Florian. On the Midsummer night concerts of Renaissance, Baroque and music of other types has been held there since few years ago.

We can continue along the path behind the church and further to a forest where the path starts slightly ascending. On the neighbouring slope you can see or at least hear fallow deer – they are almost domesticated. A marked path then turns to the ridge and leads practically to the top. Under the top of the »Mrzli vrh« plateau we come out of the forest to a plain, continue along the road and then across a pasture to the top of »Mrzli vrh«. When the weather is nice the view over the mountains is magnificent – from »Snežnik«, »Javorniki«, »Cerkljansko hribovje« to »Julian« and »Kamnik Alps«.

To descend to the valley we can choose the path by the former Rapal border, from 1920 to 1941 the border line between Italy and Yugoslavia, the proof of which are some preserved boundary stones. The decision on the borderline was taken on November 12th 1920 in Rapal with the so-called Rapal Agreement, according to which a large part of Slovenian area fell under Italy. Each stone bears an inscription of the two countries, I – Italy and J- Yugoslavia on its wider side, and the year 1920. On the narrower sides there is a section number and under the line a running Roman numeral inside the section. On the top of more preserved boundary stones you can see an arrow pointing to the north and two lines pointing to the direction of the two neighbouring boundary stones. In the certain distance between two boundaries stones there are larger, so called main boundary stones (about one-metre high) that demarcated individual sections of the border line. On the way from »Mrzli vrh« to »Žiri« there was and still is only one boundary stone, north-east from the »Breznica« village. Under the village you can also see the remains of former well-preserved Italian caverns. People from the village may tell you many stories of that time – the most interesting are contraband stories speaking about thoughtful ways of smuggling of goods that you could not get in the neighbouring country and were therefore more expensive.

In the »Breznica« village there is a very interesting modernized church – the church of St. Kancijan. The key is kept in the house across the street – »Pri Štrelu« and the family know a lot about the times when their farm was next to the border. If you want to know how many boundary stones are left and where they are located, arrange a meeting with Milan or Majda Strel, who know the location of each stone and know a lot of contraband stories. If you arrange a meeting you can also taste food at the Strel house. After that you only have to descend along the path by the former border in the oldest part of »Žiri«, called »Tabor« and you will get to the starting point. 
Duration of tour : 3-4 hours 
Altitude difference : 530 m
Maps : Loka Thematic Paths 

Range of hiking available
family excursions, group tours, trails through forests 

15. 1. The Selak farm
Milena Kavčič, 20 Jarčja dolina, 4226 Žiri, tel. ++386 4 519 21 06
Tourist offer: tea, brandy, season fruit, and nuts.

15. 2. The Štrel home
Milan and Majda Strel, 5 Breznica pri Žireh, 4226 Žiri, tel. ++386 4 510 65 65 or ++386 40 504 230
Tourist offer: guided tour along the »Border of Rapal«, animations, the key to the church, warm meals and drinks by prior arrangement only.

15. 3. The Pri Kafurju inn
Dragica Peternelj, 2 Idrijska, 4226 Žiri, tel. ++386 4 519 12 71
Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 8.00 a.m. - 10.00 p.m., Wednesday and Sunday from 8.00 a.m. - 1.00 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 8.00 a .m. to 11.00 p.m.
Tourist offer: in summer: food made to order, grilled food, fish, in winter: cold cuts.

15. 4. Sales gallery
A. Primožič 1888 d.o.o., 29 Jobstova, 4226 Žiri, tel. ++386 4 519 25 32, ++386 41 914 457, fax: ++386 4 510 69 50, e-mail:
Opening hours: every day from 4.30 p.m. to 7.00 p.m., Saturday from 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m., for announced groups by arrangement.
Tourist offer: the house of bobbin lace, a gallery and sale of replicas and new products and bobbin lace. 
Place: Žiri
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