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Polhograjska Gora - Lovrenc

Polhov Gradec
Lovrenc (824 m), locally known as Gora, is an inselberg, whose broad back shelters Polhov Gradec. With its relatively mysterious past and a 16th-century church of St Lawrence on top, the hill has always been a popular hiking spot. It is where a fortified settlement was in ancient times and where four archaeological sites laid between 1868 and 1973.

Gora is also known for its Daphne blagayana habitats. It is believed that these habitats, though no longer accessible to the average hiker, were more extensive in the past. Blagay’s famous memorial, at the foot of Gora, is just one of the markers of history.

Most hikers generally start off at the beekeeping centre, up a relatively steep, but shaded route leading up to the saddle, all the way to the Pri Logarju homestead, which serves basic food and drinks on weekends.

Another way to access Gora is by taking the road from Polhov Gradec to the village of Briše. Before entering the village turn right towards Praproče, then park your car at a hayrack outside the village. The waymark points to the right. When you reach the gated saddle, make a left turn and take the steeper, more demanding path. The main path narrows there too.

On your return to the valley you can have a refreshing break at the following spots: tourist farm Pri Bitencu in Briše, Polhograjski dom inn and Pri Pratkarju in Polhov Gradec.

Duration of tour : 1 hour (Polhov Gradec), 1.5 hours (Briše) 

moderately difficult tour 

Altitude difference : 420 m

Range of hiking available
family excursions, group tours, winter hiking 

Polhograjska graščina 
Polhov Gradec 61 
Polhov Gradec 
Tel. : ++ 386 1 3645 694 
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PD Blagajana 
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GPS Northing (N) : 46,071 
GPS Easting (E) : 14,2984 
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Administrator : Občina Dobrova - Polhov Gradec | ++386 1 360 18 00 |
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