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Karstic educational path from Lebica to Krupe

This scenic path leads us along shallow karst in the narrow hinterland of the river Krupa and along the river itself. The karstic region with numerous sinkholes, small springs, stone commons, fern areas, fern forest, naturally preserved forest of Sessile oak and hornbeam and the river Krupa is an exceptional study area outdoors. Three small karstic caves are a natural treasure on the way: water karst cave Lebica, Malikovec and Judovska hiša, which is the only verified Palaeolithic cave in Bela krajina. Another proof of the shallow karstic world is only a few meters deep sinkhole Vodenica with a constant spring and sinkhole Medvednica. The walk along the entire path takes four hours. 
Duration of tour : 4 hours 

undemanding walk 

around the valley 

Range of hiking available
walks, trails through forests 

individual, guided tour 

KC Semič - TIC Semič 
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Place: Krupa
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Administrator : KC Semič - TIC Semič | ++386 7 35 65 200 |
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