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Time passes more slowly in the Slovenian countryside. A wide range of green experiences is within reach. Friendly hosts on tourist farms serve tasty, home-cooked food and drink. Relax in the company of open, friendly people and unspoilt nature, and just be yourself again. Give yourself up to the harmony of coexistence of man and nature, and feel the authenticity of the Slovenian countryside.

A countryside break

Homemade is homemade, be it the smell of home baked bread or the true friendliness of people. ...more

Tourist farms with accommodation

Experience the real country life, find a haven of peace and relaxation, and get to know the friendly locals. ...more

Visitor farms

Feel the slower pace of country life while enjoying fine food and excellent wine. ...more

Organic tourist farms

Ecological tourist farms offer a healthy living environment and certified organic food. ...more

Culinary Experience

Culinary events in the Slovenian countryside bring people together and make friends out of strangers. ...more

Dishes and Recipes

Get to know typical Slovenian dishes, which occasions to serve them on and the secrets of their preparation. ...more

Wine roads

All Slovenian wine-growing districts have organised wine roads on which you can try excellent Slovenian wine. ...more


Head for the Karst and find out why osmice have survived all political regimes. Enjoy mouth-watering teran wine ...more

Wine cellar

In suitably cool wine cellars, and under the careful supervision of Slovenian winemakers, some of the best wines ...more

Hands-on in the countryside

For those who want something more from their visit to the countryside. Learn farming skills and obtain healthily ...more

Historical homes

You can learn all about Slovenian rural architecture in old homesteads converted into museums. ...more


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Prijazno podeželje


Friendly countryside


Idyllisches Landeleben


L'ospitale campagna


La campagne accueillante


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