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Kozjansko Park

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Kozjansko Park offers a landscape of many faces. At the junction of the Alps and the Pannonian plains, nature and man have created a unique mosaic of flowering meadows, ancient orchards, steep forested slopes and clear streams, farms and paths between them where the cultural landscape dotted with castles and churches intertwines with areas of unspoiled nature.
206 km2, 78 settlements, 10,700 residents

What the park offers you
In Kozjansko Park you can enjoy walking and hiking trails for one day or several days.
• The Podsreda Trail (32 km circuit) links natural and cultural points of interest around the medieval borough of Podsreda. You can start the trail from three points:Podsreda market place, Podsreda Castle, and Trebce.
• The Pilštanj Trail (4 km circuit) links the natural and cultural heritage of the medieval borough of Pilštanj with the viewpoint on the nearby Vino Gora hill.
• The Geology Education Trail (10 km circuit) runs around the settlement and monastery of Olimje. Along with 21 information points that illustrate the geological history and special geological features of the Kozjansko region, there are numerous natural and cultural points of interest worth seeing along the trail.
• The Travnik (Meadow) Education Trail on Mount Vetrnik (2 km circuit) runs around Vetrnik, the area’s highest peak (709 m), and along with outstanding views of the Kozjansko region presents the rich and diverse habitat of dry meadows. June and July, when the meadows are in full bloom, are the best months for a visit.
• The Repnica Trail (9 km circuit) starts in Stara vas na Bizeljskem and takes visitors through the Bizeljsko winegrowing hills to the village of Brezovica, which is famous for its “repnice,” unique caves dug in the silicate sand for storing turnips (“repa”) now used as wine cellars.
Slomšek Trail. Starting in Bizeljsko in the southern section of the park, the trail runs across the entire park to Olimje, the northernmost point in the park, and on to Ponikva.
• The European Footpath E7 enters the park at Križe (southwest corner of park), crosses the Orlica mountains, descends from Svete Gore to the Bistrica Valley, and leads hikers through the winegrowing hills to Olimje where it leaves the park.
• During the Christmas and Easter seasons, craft workshops are held at the park administration building in Podsreda where we make Advent wreathes and Christmas decorations, dye Easter eggs, tie Easter sheaves, and teach other traditional crafts to preserve them and pass them on to new generations.
Podsreda Castle comes alive with the concerts and music seminars of the Music Summer at Podsreda Castle program and offers permanent and periodic art exhibitions.
• Depending on your desires and interests, we will arrange a guided tour of Kozjansko Park that includes its trails, natural features, medieval boroughs, castles, old mills,
pilgrimage churches, and tourist farms.

Access to the park: Exit the Ljubljana-Maribor expressway at Dramlje or Slovenska Bistrica and drive south to Podsreda. Exit the Ljubljana-Zagreb expressway at Krško or Brežice and drive north to Podsreda. The Kozjansko Park Information Center in Podsreda, which is 120 kilometers from Ljubljana, is a half-hour’s drive from each of the expressway exits.

Information centers:
Podsreda, Podsreda 45, Open daily 8:00 to 16:00
Podsreda Castle: Open daily from 10:00 to 18:00 (closed on Monday in winter season)
Professional hiking guides are available every day. 

GPS Northing (N) : 46,0405 
GPS Easting (E) : 15,5903 

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Administrator : Turizem Podčetrtek g.i.z. | ++386 3 810 90 13 |
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