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Prestreljenik Natural Window

Prestreljenik, a 2498 m high mountain in the Kanin mountains, is famous for its natural window sized 10x7.5 m.

It was formed when the rocky arch became brittle.

Several legends describing the formation of the window have been preserved.
Here is one of them:

Once upon a time, God punished the world by flooding it.
Only Noah was saved;
he was floating together with the animals.
After a long time God remembered Noah and stopped the rain so the waters started to subside.
That is when the mountain of Prestreljenik peeked out of the water, and Noah was in a difficult position because he did not know where to tie his boat.
God saw Noah’s distress, so He placed his index finger on the left and his thumb on the right and pressed his two fingers together.
That is how He made the window.
Noah took a rope from the boat, put it through the hole and happily tied up his vessel.

from the lower (D) cable-car station to the left, it takes 3 hours to reach the window. 

Free of charge
GPS Northing (N) : 46,3613 
GPS Easting (E) : 13,4699 
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