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The Krkavče stone, Krkavče

Krkavče, 6000 Koper
The Krkavče Stone – according to folk tradition also known as the three-headed stone – stands 400 metres southeast of the Krkavče cemetery, north of the path leading past the Gradišče grasslands towards the Škrljevec hamlet.

The monolith is approximately 2.5 metres high and rough hewed. Only 1.6 m still stand above ground and the upper part of the monolith is partially damaged. There is a stylised human image carved on both sides. It is an anthropomorphic image with widely spread arms and with a crown of sunrays. The surface of the two images shows different treatment and the reliefs were probably made in two if not even three phases. According to folk tradition, the stone used to serve as a pillory, as people used to be tied to it, while there is also talk of worshiping the stone on St. Vitus Day and on Christmas. In the past, there were solemn processions undertaken starting from the stone and moving towards Sv. Maver below the village and ending before the Church of St. Michael the Archangel. These processions took place on Rogation Days preceding Accession Day. Today, a much shorter route around the village remains from this old habit. The original location of the stone is unknown but according to folk tradition it was supposed to lie not far from its today’s site and is connected to the neighbouring Gradišče grasslands and the remains of the roman villae rusticate. Experts believe that the onset of worshiping the Krkavče Stone in Gradišče probably relates to the demolition of the Roman villa, when its remains received a mythical importance in the eyes of the new inhabitants and there was enough room to perform ceremonies around the stone. Maybe they brought the stone from another place to set up a »spolia« (sign) that they found among the ruins in Gradišče in late Antiquity or the early Middle Ages or maybe that the stone had stood there even before that.


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GPS Northing (N) : 45,4636 
GPS Easting (E) : 13,6921 
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