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Petrovc's house

Krvavška 1b 4207 Cerklje na Gorenjskem
+386 4 281 58 22
+386 4 281 58 22
Besides the many churches which give the villages their beauty, there are many other cultural sights to see, such as Strmol castle and its adjoining park, the church and gardens in Adergas, Hribar's villa, the park remembering Cerklje's most important historical figures and many more. Archaeological sites at Šmartno and Krvavec bear witness to the ancient settling of the population in this region.

Petrovc's house was a small wooden farmhouse up until the mid 18th century. During this period in Gorensjka old wooden and half wooden houses were disappearing, in fact wood construction was only used by small farmers and cottagers. At that time Petrovc's house was enlarged, and so became a formidable brick house with a rich facade and frescoes.

The house has become an eloquent witness to the lifestyle and mentality of the richer farm people of the time. It reflects the self confidence and large properties of their respective owners. In the middle of the 19th century the house got its present appearance, with 1863 carved above the portal.

Today, Pr 'Petrovac', which was once a trade-apartment house which also had a restaurant until World War II, runs the tourist information centre, an art gallery, museum and a library.

In most of the village restaurants the furnishings in the rooms for guests was very simple. Elongated bench tables normally stood by the windows, with a vessel and basin for washing on the other side of the table. There was a wall cabinet for spirits, and some of the better-off families such as the Petrovič's also had a built in cabinet for glassware.

In the museum's ethnological collection articles are presented which relate to catering, such as the equipment of these rooms and devices used for the preparation of food and drinks.


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