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Blejska koča na Lipanci mountain hut

Pokljuka - Planina Lipanca, 4247 Zgornje Gorje
++386 51 621 021, ++386 51 633 769

Mountain hur keeper : Jože Tomc 
Altitude : 1630 m

Open for guests

The hut is permanently open since Mr Jože Tomc has been its keeper.
No. of beds : 12 
Dormitory beds : 36 
Seating inside : 30 
The mountain hut is located on the viewing alpine pasture Lipanca on the southeast slope of Lipanski vrh in the ridge above the Pokljuka Plain.
In the restaurant area there are 30 seats, a bar counter, 45 seats in the club area; there are 12 beds in 3 rooms, 36 communal beds, toilet; washing room and shower with cold and warm water, the restaurant area is heated by a stove and there is a farmhouse stove in the club area, running water, electricity.
The view
Towards the east and south one can first see the vast woods on the Pokljuka Plateau, behind it there is the Carniola Plain (gorenjska ravnina) on the east and above it rise the peaks of the Kamnik Alps; towards the south rise the peaks of the Lower Bohinj mountains (Spodnje Bohinjske gore) behind the greenness of the woods of Pokljuka and Jelovica; towards the west the nearby southeast slopes of Lipanski vrh, Vrh Razor and Debeli vrh can be seen; north to the hut rise the slopes of Debela peč, and on the right one can see the ridge of Karavanke with Stol.
Access Car:
from Bled along the local asphalt road to Pokljuka and to Mrzli studenec 14km, then along the forest road across the Kranj Valley (Kranjska dolina) to the end of the road in Medvedova konta 7km, from where it takes 30 minut to the hut. The BS Pokljuka, Krnica and Mojstrana: from Pokljuka (the BS at the turning towards the Šport Hotel) across the Javornik alpine pasture 2h; from Krnica above Zgornje Gorje across the Kranj Valley and the Javornik alpine pasture 5h; from Mojstrana through Krma, past Kovinarska koča hut to the end of the road and across Lipanska vrata 5h30.
Interesting tours
Lipanski vrh (1965 m) 1h; Debela peč (2014 m) 1h30; Viševnik (2050 m) across the slope of Debeli vrh and across the pass Srenjski preval 2h.
Access to other mountain huts
Kovinarska koča hut in Krma (870m) across Lipanska vrata 3h30; Planinska koča na Uskovnici mountain hut (1154m) across the slopes of Lipanski and Debeli vrh and acrossthe pass Srenjski preval 4h; Vodnikov dom na Velem polju mountain hut (1817m) across the slopes of Debeli vrh, Draški vrhovi and the Studor Pass 5h; the Šport Hotel on Goreljek (1250 m) across the Javornik alpine pasture 2h15.
GPS Northing (N) : 46,3757 
GPS Easting (E) : 13,9274 
Destination: Julian Alps
Place: Bled
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Administrator : Bled - Turizem Bled - LTO | ++386 4 578 05 00 |
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