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Koča na Črnem Vrhu nad Novaki mountain hut

++386 31 615 245, ++386 5 374 34 80

Special features
vacation - winter 

Mountain hur keeper : Filipič Katarina 
Altitude : 1245 m

Open for guests

No. of beds : 8 

Sport & leisure time
ski center/ski lifts 


Basic services

Seating inside : 30 

Basic services
self-service lunch 

Additional offers
transfer to ski lift 

in the mountains 

Payment options
cash only 

The mountain hut is located on the sunny side a little above the peak of Črni vrh (1291 m). The hut is open from the beginning of June until the end of September on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays and every day in the winter season. In the restaurant area there are 200 seats, a bar counter. There are 30 seats in the restaurant area and the same number at the tables in front of the hut; 2 rooms with 4 beds; toilet and washing room with cold and warm water, the restaurant and sleeping areas are heated by stoves; running water, electricity. The view From the hut there is a view towards the east, south and west, and from the nearby Črni vrh towards the north as well. Towards the east one can see the mountain ridge between Črni vrh and Blegoš and the south slopes which descend towards the narrow valleys of Cerknica, Kopačnica and the Volaščica and its affluents; on the south side there are the hills Cerkljansko hribovje and the Idrija Hills (Idrijsko hribovje) in the vicinity and behind one can see Trnovski gozd with Mali Golak, southwest is the plateau Banjška planota; on the south slopes of Črni vrh there is the scattered settlement Gorenji Novaki, and on its foot the valley of Cerknica with Dolenji Novaki; on the west side rise Kojca and Porezen; the view from the west to the north first stops on the hilly landscape with the scattered settlement of Davča, then on the peaks of east part of the Lower Bohinj mountains (Spodnje Bohinjske gore), on Lajnar and Dravh above Sorica, on the Julian Alps with Triglav, on Ratitovec and Karavanke and on the north part of the Škofja Loka mountains (Škofjeloško pogorje) above the valley Selška dolina and on the Kamnik Alps on the horizon. Access Car: along the partly asphalt local road from Cerkno 15km; along the local road from Davča (take the turning in the settlement Osojna Davča) 6km. The BS Cerkno, Leskovica: from Cerkno along the road by Cerknica to Dolenji Novaki and along the trail through Gorenji Novaki 3h; from Leskovica past the shelter Zavetišče na Robidenskem brdu 2h. Interesting tours Blegoš (1562 m) along the LPP (Local Alpine Trail) 2h30; the Franja Hospital (600 m) through Dolenji Novaki 2h.
Access to other mountain huts Zavetišče na Robidenskem brdu mountain shelter (857 m) 1h15; [KOCA=50] Zavetišče GS na Jelencih mountain shelter (1185m) across Smoletovše and Murove 2h15; [KOCA=51]Koča na Blegošu mountain hut (1391m) across Smoletovše in Murove 2h; Dom Andreja Žvana-Borisa na Poreznu mountain hut (1590m) along the LPP across Davča 4h30
GPS Northing (N) : 46,1627 
GPS Easting (E) : 14,0574 
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Administrator : LTO Laufar Cerkno | +386 5 37 34 645 | |
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