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Lake Črno jezero

Maribor, 2208 Pohorje
The peat moor with its small lakes is one of the most attractive natural sights on Pohorje.
Go on a trip to Črno jezero, which lies between Osankarica and Veliki vrh at 1200 m above sea level. It is accessible from the direction of Maribor towards Slovenska Bistrica to Trije Kralji. It is then a thirty-minute walk to the lake Črno jezero where there are rare plant habitats, peat mosses, quietness, forests, a remarkable climate and fresh air – in other words an intensive experience of unspoilt nature!
Just looking at it takes your breath away! 

The lake is overgrown with pine and peat moss. For years and years organic waste from dead plants and animals has accumulated at the bottom of the lake and over the course of time created a thick layer of silt, which is a dark, black colour. Due to this the lake looks as though it is full of ink, although the water is crystal clear. Crno jezero, with its forest surroundings, is protected as a forest reserve.


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Destination: Maribor - Pohorje
Place: Maribor
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