Lakes are a constituent element in the exceptional level of water resources in Slovenia, which ranks amongst the richest countries in Europe in this regard. Lake Bled is the most famous lake in Slovenia. It was formed 14,000 years ago and boasts an island, complete with a church. Lake Cerknica is the biggest lake in Slovenia. When the Cerknica field is flooded, it boasts an area of 2,500 hectares, but this dries out in May or June. Etched between the mountains of Bohinj, Lake Bohinj is the largest permanent natural lake in Slovenia. Seven lakes are spread across the valley below Triglav, which is commonly referred to as the Seven Lakes Valley. The deepest lake in Slovenia is Lake Velenje, which was formed due to the mining of coal and reaches a depth of 54 meters. Most of the lakes and their banks offer excellent opportunities for recreation and relaxing walks with beautiful views. Some of the walks also feature picnic areas and organised camps in the vicinity.

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