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Gorenjska fusion of adrenaline and tradition

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Organizer : Spin Travel

Address: Slovenska cesta 81 1234 Mengeš
Phone: ++386 40 170 876
Fax: ++386 1 723 01 34
Day 1
Meet at Stara pošta, Kranj at 9.00 am

You can tell how the day will be by the morning, so we will start the day with a good cup of coffee and some excellent Prešeren balls in the pleasant surroundings of the Kranj townhouses. After an invigorating morning introduction, we will be met in the old town centre of Kranj by the guide, who will lead us through the mysterious tunnels that link old Kranj. Within the tunnels we will discover all the secrets of this fascinating complex, which we will round of with the first “little” adrenaline-fuelled experience – a simulated air raid, which with heart-rending sounds will recall the cruel time of the Second World War. After around an hour walking through the Kranj tunnels, we head off towards Ljubelj. The first stop once again reminds us of the cruelty of war, as we remember the victims of the once notorious Second World War prison camp of Mauthausen, which lies under the Ljubelj pass. This is followed by a more light-hearted 2-hour part of the excursion in the Ljubelj Adrenaline Park, where you can encounter numerous extreme challenges. After this adrenaline expedition we will no doubt be starving, so it is only right and proper to indulge in a proper Slovenian lunch. But this will not just be a lunch, this will be a proper experience of culinary delights as we savour Slovenian dishes prepared at the Jezeršek restaurant. After this indulgent lunch we get to rest until the evening, when we head off for some merry Slovenian celebrating.

Day 2

First stop is at the Lectar (Gingerbread) House of Tradition, where we are received in the gingerbread workshop famous for its gingerbread hearts. This is a complicated and lengthy process that takes in total at least a week. At the Lectar we will be shown a condensed version of the process, which even today is followed in the old, traditional way. The girls are dressed in traditional costume from the second half of the 18th century. Through making gingerbread you will be transported back to the olden days, when time passed differently and master craftsmen were esteemed as artists and preservers of the folk tradition.
We continue on our way through Bled to the nearby valley of the River Radovna, where we will meet a shepherd who will show us the procedure for sheep shearing. In one way this is a very entertaining experience, but we will also get to see how this is an arduous job that shepherds once used to do by hand with shears. We too will get a chance to try doing this job, no doubt to the unbridled entertainment of everyone around. We will then climb up to another magnificent Alpine plateau with heavenly views of the Bohinj valley. Here you can literally hear the silence of nature. All you can hear is the distant cowbells, as the cattle graze on the slopes of the dairy herders’ valley. From the summit we head down into the valley of dairy cottages, where we will be beckoned by the folk characters Bedanc and Aunt Pehta, and then received by a local man, a real dairy herder, who will tell us the story of his life and what brought him to these uplands. He will also guide us through his cheese-making cottage and the village dairy, where the herders once brought their milk to make into cheese. He will also prepare for us a snack of real local cheese, local sausage and pork mash, and of course a shot of the local spirit. To round off the trip we will make a proper Alpine tune played on whistles or bells, which we will send ringing out into the beautiful valley, breaking the silence of the Alpine heights.

The programme includes the following Sejalec winners:
- Alpine tune: Spin Travel
- Adrenaline Park: Koren Sports
- Gingerbread workshop: Lectar restaurant
- Tunnels under old Kranj – Kranj Tourist Board
- Slovenian evening - Židana Marela
- Taste Slovenia Culinary Centre - Jezeršek gostinstvo d.o.o. 

guided tour 

Day 1
Price for min. 6 to max. 30 persons: EUR 95/person.
Surcharge for Slovenian evening: EUR 35/person.
Price includes:
coffee and Prešeren balls
tunnels and simulated air raid
Ljubelj Adrenaline Park – Adrenalinček programme
Lunch at the Hiša kulinarike Jezeršek
Transport (minibus or bus)
Organisation and VAT

Day 2
Price for min. 6 to max. 15 persons: EUR 91/person.
Price includes:
Gingerbread workshop: making gingerbread hearts
Sheep-shearing demonstration
Visit to herder and dairy
Local platter provided by herder
Transport (minibus or bus)
Organisation and VAT

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