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Škofja Loka, Castle

Grajska pot 13 4220 Škofja Loka
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The castle stands on the edge of the slope above the town and the confluence of the Sora Rivers and dominates the image of the town. Above the present peripheral castle are the remains of the older fortress. 'Krancelj' developed around the high tower-like nucleus. In the 13th century the Old Tower was erected. Until 1892, when it was torn down, it was the highest part of the castle. Only the foundations, which stand in the middle of the yard, are presented. The defence towers and the residential wings stood around the central tower already in the 14th century. The residence of the Bishops of Friezing and the living quarters of their housekeepers had to be thoroughly renovated after the earthquake in 1511. The central tower obtained a new console periphery and roof, and the southeastern tower with a chapel was built (1527). Among the active builders was Master Jurko from Loka. Extensive remodelling with the construction of new surrounding residence areas in three levels followed in the 18th century. From the year 973 until 1803, the owners of the castle were the Bishops of Freising (Brižinj). After them there were different owners until 1890, when the Ursulines bought the castle. They thoroughly remodelled it and destroyed certain historic elements.  The plans for remodelling were prepared by Viljem Treo and Josip Molinaro.

The periphery of the castle with its residential wings has been preserved. The four diverse defence towers are worth noticing. Since 1959 the castle has been set up as a local museum. The last renewal of the collections was in 1999. The curators pride themselves on the collection from trades that are native to Škofja Loka and the surroundings, the archaeological collection, and the presentation of local history and life in the country of Ivan Tavčar. There is a rich art collection, especially the part of the Šubic family: carvers, portraitists and painters. The collection of more recent history is carefully arranged as well, especially the period of NOB (National Liberation Battle). Golden altars from Dražgoše, where the Germans burnt down the church, have been placed in the chapel. In the castle park they tried to arrange a 'skansen' (an open-air museum) by bringing in several farm buildings. In 1996 on the ground floor of a side tower and in the neighbouring wing a gallery was arranged.

The castle is maintained and the museum is open regularly.


Loški muzej 
Grajska pot 13 
Škofja Loka 
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