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Schengen area in Slovenia

Following its entry to the EU on 1 May 2004 Slovenia began to execute, in part, provisions of the Schengen legal system, covering the area of visa policy and the prevention of illegal immigration. Citizens of the Republic of Slovenia have, as citizens of the EU, facilitated border crossing procedures with all other EU member countries. For Slovenian citizens, the Austrian, Italian and Hungarian border officials only check the validity of documents for border crossing, while at airports in EU member countries they can pass through controls intended for EU citizens, where only the validity of documents is checked and other conditions for entering the EU, which apply to citizens of third (non EU) countries, are not required. (Source: Office of the Government of RS for Communication)

Slovenia joined the Schengen airspace on 30 March 2008. For air passengers this means that from 30 March border control will only be carried out on non-Schengen flights, that is flights to destinations outside the Schengen area. Border control for these flights is carried out on all passengers entering and exiting the Schengen area (also applicable to transit passengers with connecting flights inside the Schengen area). Internal or Schengen flights (travelling from one Schengen member state to another) will not be subject to border control. However, airport security checks with x-ray screening and personal inspection remain in effect.

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