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Church of St. Stephen, Zanigrad

Zanigrad, Zanigrad, 6275 Črni Kal
The succursal Church of St. Stephen below the vil-lage is a medieval single-nave church built in Istrian Romanic tradition.

The interior of the church used to be fully painted. Only modest fragments on the arch and on the walls remain from the paintings in the presbytery. The majority of the painting that runs in a single strip of images along the walls depicts the Cycle of Christ (the Journey and Adoration of the Magi, the Passion of Christ from the Last Supper to the Resurrection) and individual images from sainthood (the Martyrdom of St. Lawrence, the Stoning of St. Stephen, St. George on His Horse and Holy Sunday). The western side depicts Judgment Day. In general, the frescoes show the influences of Venetian and Paduan painting of the late 14th century, while differences in compositions and in the quality of implementation show that the frescoes were the result of at least two painters working together, with one of them being better and more closely connected to the contemporary painting of the nearby Italian centres while the other focused more on local frameworks. Iconographically interesting is the depiction of Holy Sunday, which was intended to warn the churchgoers about the tasks they should not conduct on Sundays. The Zanigrad frescoes originate in 1418 with the inscription still visible when the frescoes were discovered in 1949, though it is no longer visible today. The patterns used by the fresco painters are still largely in the Trecento style but considering the local character of the workshop, which might have been of local Friuli and Istrian origin, the frescoes can only be dated to the first decade of the 15th century. The church, which was slightly remodelled in 1521 and refurbished in 1965, is covered with slates. There is a simple bell tower (11.20 m) with a pyramidal roof next to the church. On the Day of St. Stephen the First Martyr and town patron, i.e. on 26th December, blessings of horses are performed in front of the church.


GPS Northing (N) : 45,514871 
GPS Easting (E) : 13,906756 


Destination: Istria Slovenia
Place: Zanigrad
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