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The project EDEN in 2016

The Slovenian destinations were contending for the title European Destinations of Excellence for the first time in 2008. In the previous years in Slovenia six destinations of excellence were chosen and twelve were placed as finalists. The European Destinations of Excellence (EDEN) project with the current title “ Promotion of EDEN destinations and awareness raising ” will be performed in Slovenia until June 2017. The main aim of the project is to promote the previously ... moreless ...

EDEN 2015 - Winning destination

As expected, the topic of this year's EDEN tender “TOURISM, LOCAL CUISINE AND GASTRONOMY” attracted the greatest response so far. 11 Slovenian tourist destinations applied to the tender, which, through their specific culinary offer, revive the local environment and enhance visits throughout the year. Following the review of the received applications, five destinations made it to the finals, which, according to the President of the Expert Commission, Prof. ... moreless ...

Workshop for EDEN Destinations in Slovenia - Sports Tourism and Cultural Tourism in ...

Workshop for EDEN destinations in Slovenia was held on 9th April 2015 in Ljubljana with main theme sports tourism and cultural tourism in EDEN destinations. Sports tourism workshop was managed by dr. Maja Uran Maravić who presented main points of analysis of sports tourism in Slovenia with emphasis on EDEN destinations. Cultural tourism workshop ... moreless ...

European Destinations of Excellence Network Meeting

9th EDEN Network meeting was held in Brussels on 21st October 2014. Meeting focused on further exploring benefits of the networking among the EDEN destinations with emphasis on new tourism trends, marketing through social media, innovativeness in promotion of destinations and the latest news about sustainable destination management. Slovenian EDEN destinations, members of EDEN network, participated to EDEN network ... moreless ...

EDEN expert excursion

Within the framework of this year's EDEN project, in cooperation with Dr. Tanja Lešnik Štuhec, we organised an expert excursion to Austria for the members of the Slovenian EDEN network. This includes 14 Slovenian destinations – winners (Laško, Idrija, Kolpa River, Solčavsko Region, Soča Valley) and finalists (Radol'ca, Zeleni kras, Velenje, Mežica, Žiče, Bohinj, destination between Pohorje and Bohorje, Kozjanski park and Kranj) of the EDEN selections. In Austria, we ... moreless ...

The August presentation of EDEN destinations at 'Open Kitchen'

Each Friday this summer in Ljubljana, fans of good cuisine have been gathering at the event ‘ Open Kitchen ’. This event is an outdoor culinary project that unites more than 40 different catering providers in Pogačar Square in Ljubljana. One can taste traditional Slovenian dishes as well as international culinary specialties at one of the ... moreless ...

Late Summer & Autumn Holiday Tips from Slovenia

Are you looking for ideas to experience a different vacation, away from the packed seaside destinations and tourist centres? We have selected some attractive hints for a special experience in order to get to know Slovenia – in the refreshing environment of the Alpine peaks, invigorating rivers and thermal springs. For the end of summer or during the pleasant autumn months that are just perfect for exploration. Read more in ... moreless ...

The Laško Destination Receives the Title European Destination of Excellence 2013

Destination Laško – Confluence of Good is this year’s winner of the Slovenian EDEN selection. Slovenia thus received the fifth European Destination of Excellence title after those awarded to the ... moreless ...
The Laško Destination Receives the Title European Destination of Excellence 2013

Slovenia gets 5th Destination of Excellence

Destination Laško – The Confluence of Good is this year’s winner of the Slovenian selection of the European Destination of Excellence (EDEN). After the Soča Valley, Solčavsko Region, Kolpa River and the town of Idrija, Slovenia has gained the fifth European Destination of Excellence. The official award ceremony of ... moreless ...
Slovenia gets 5th Destination of Excellence

Three destinations competing for the title 'European Destination of Excellence 2013'

This year, seven destinations contended for the title EDEN 2013, while the expert committee selected three finalists. The winning destination will be announced at the beginning of May; the award ... moreless ...
Three destinations competing for the title 'European Destination of Excellence 2013'

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EDEN 2011 Idrija


EDEN 2010 Reka Kolpa


EDEN 2009 Solčavsko

EDEN 2008 Dolina SočeSlovenske finalistke EDEN

EDEN 2011 Idrija


EDEN 2010 Kolpa river


EDEN 2009 Solčavsko

EDEN 2008 Soča valleySlovenian EDEN finalists

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