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Idrija and Cerkno areas

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The central souvenir of the Idrija and Cerkno areas is by far Idrija bobbin lace. The craft was introduced to this area by miners and their families who populated the area around the former Idrija mercury mine. The successful development of lacemaking, particularly expertise in this field, can largely be credited to the Idrija Lace School, which has been active since 1876. Idrija bobbin lace has a protected designation of origin, and in recent years the development of this craft also focuses on creating fashionable articles of clothing and accessories.

Mesarstvo Podobnik from Čeplez above Cerkno makes top-quality dry-cured meat products called Čeplez (originally Šebrelje) stomachs. Stuffed stomachs mature between wooden boards in remarkable natural conditions, and are very fleshy and well-balanced. They are often served as delicious appetizers or cold cuts for various occasions. 
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