The competition Snovalec is designed to stimulate creativity and innovation in Slovenian tourism and joins the Sejalec, the competition organised by the Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) to reward successful innovations in tourism.

The Snovalec encourages promotion and realisation of new ideas or inventions in tourism, which will soon become innovations ripe for entry in the Sejalec competition.
The purpose of the Snovalec is to stimulate creativity, innovation and inventiveness on the enterprise level, on the destination level, and for tourist product and provider associations, in the field of designing and marketing new tourist products and services from Slovenia on domestic and foreign markets. The competition supports creation and execution of research and launching of tourist products as defined by essential and strategic documents of STB, Slovenia and Europe. 

The Snovalec is published in the Bank of Tourism Potentials of Slovenia in the form of a prize competition contributed by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology – Tourism and Internationalisation Directorate in co-operation with the STB.

The selection of winning projects is coordinated by the BTPS.

For more information on Snovalec competition, please contact .

Visit tourist pages for more information on competition winners.

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